We equip and serve the youth of Church Hill to make transformative decisions.

“CHAT’s kept me occupied and helped me meet new people.” WINTER, 17, Street Leader; Junior at Church Hill Academy

“Favorite moment? The day he asked me to be his best man.” PATRICK, 17, Senior, Church Hill Academy

“When I grow up I want to be a doctor and work for CHAT!” JAZMINE, 5, Tiny Tykes

“CHAT is my safety net. They do so much.” CAROLYN, CHAT Mom; Home Healthcare Assistant; Vice President of Chimborazo Elementary School PTA; student at J. Sargeant Reynolds CC


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In After School

It Takes a Neighborhood

We are a faith-based community of Church Hill neighbors and friends who share a passionate belief in the power of fellowship to transform communities.

CHAT invests in the lives of our city’s most at-risk children, in one of the most unique and troubled neighborhoods in America.

A stone’s throw from Mr. Jefferson’s iconic State Capitol, and on the same hallowed ground where Virginia’s first governor, Patrick Henry, demanded freedom from oppression, we come together to equip and serve a community now in dire need of a resurrection.

The heart of what we do begins after school.

It’s our belief that by establishing strong connections through one-on-one tutoring, mentorship, enrichment activities and immersion in a supportive and nurturing community, we can teach skills and values and see our neighborhood youth empowered.

This CHAT Student Participant Form can be emailed to info@chatrichmond.org, or hand-delivered or mailed to 601 N. 31st St. Richmond, VA 23223. 

For more information, contact our offices, info@chatrichmond.org;  804-236-4964

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by Thom Zahler

Summer two has come to a close. The goodbyes have been said and the encouragement given. It is bitter sweet and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be. I have told this to very few other interns ...

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601 N. 31st St., Richmond, VA 23223  info@chatrichmond.com 804-236-4964