We equip and serve the youth of Church Hill to make transformative decisions.

“CHAT is my safety net. They do so much.” CAROLYN, CHAT Mom; Home Healthcare Assistant; Vice President of Chimborazo Elementary School PTA; student at J. Sargeant Reynolds CC

“When I grow up I want to be a doctor and work for CHAT!” JAZMINE, 5, Tiny Tykes

“Favorite moment? The day he asked me to be his best man.” PATRICK, 17, Senior, Church Hill Academy

“CHAT’s kept me occupied and helped me meet new people.” WINTER, 17, Street Leader; Junior at Church Hill Academy


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It Takes a Neighborhood

We are a faith-based community of Church Hill neighbors and friends who share a passionate belief in the power of fellowship to transform communities.

CHAT invests in the lives of our city’s most at-risk children, in one of the most unique and troubled neighborhoods in America.

A stone’s throw from Mr. Jefferson’s iconic State Capitol, and on the same hallowed ground where Virginia’s first governor, Patrick Henry, demanded freedom from oppression, we come together to equip and serve a community now in dire need of a resurrection.

The heart of what we do begins after school.

It’s our belief that by establishing strong connections through one-on-one tutoring, mentorship, enrichment activities and immersion in a supportive and nurturing community, we can teach skills and values and see our neighborhood youth empowered.

This CHAT Student Participant Form can be emailed to info@chatrichmond.org, or hand-delivered or mailed to 601 N. 31st St. Richmond, VA 23223. 

For more information, contact our offices, info@chatrichmond.org;  804-236-4964

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by Thom Zahler

Summer two has come to a close. The goodbyes have been said and the encouragement given. It is bitter sweet and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be. I have told this to very few other interns ...

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601 N. 31st St., Richmond, VA 23223  info@chatrichmond.com 804-236-4964